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thoughts on craft

A topic I can never shut up about. Monthly musings on the craft of writing. On story structure. On habits. On growing. On dreams. (Bonus: informative moaning on the business of traditional publishing.)

once in a blue moon

Updates on my own publishing journey. Accompanied by em-dashes (too many) and puns (never enough). Pilfered daydreams and a few moments of turbulence.

Buckle up, buttercup. Let’s go for a ride.



wait, who even are you ?

Isabel Cañas spends her days writing fiction and, occasionally, her doctoral dissertation. Her work has appeared in Lightspeed Magazine, Nightmare Magazine, and Pseudopod, and is forthcoming from some very exciting places.

A 2018 graduate of the Clarion West Writing Workshop, Isabel lives in New York City. She is represented by Kari Sutherland (Bradford Literary Agency).

To find out more about what Isabel is up to, visit: isabelcanas.com or follow her on Twitter: @isabelcanas_.

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